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The Birth of Urban Outreach Ministries

My name is Donovan Simons. I am the founder of Urban Outreach Ministries. I first started volunteering in community services at a nursing in Bermuda while I was still in middle school. As I grew older, I continued to visit the nursing homes and get more involved in other community services and outreach programs. When I became and an adult and started my own business, Urban Graphix & Printing, it provided me the platform to teach, mentor and support my community that much more.

Now that I have relocated to Idlewild/Baldwin, Michigan, I have taken the opportunity to launch my graphic design and printing company, Urban Graphix & Printing, to once again do what I have always had a passion to do... be of service to my community.

I have been blessed to meet many people in my new home. I have heard many complain of how thing are and what they do not like or what is disturbing to them. While I feel many of their concern have merit, their discontent invokes a three step process I have used for many years in my life... 1.) Identify the problem, 2.) Find a solution, 3.) Put it in action (eliminate the issue). I have started Urban Outreach Ministries in hopes that others, along with myself, will take pride in our community and band together to create a strong, thriving place that we could and would be proud to call HOME! So, my brothers and sisters... you WANT a Change? Let's BE the Change! Let's do this!!!

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