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Donovan Simons

Donovan Simons was born and raised on the islands of Bermuda. He is the son of Garry and Jean Simons and the youngest of their three children. Donovan is the father of five beautiful children - Tiffany, Tyler (a.k.a. “Donny”), Troy, Trey and Travis, and two grandchildren.

Donovan attended his high school years in Georgia and Tennessee, then later pursued a music education degree - major in voice, minor in piano - in Puerto Rico.

From the time Donovan was a teenager, he has been involved in prison ministry, community service and youth mentoring.

In July of 2019, Donovan moved to Detroit, Michigan and in August opened his home-based computer graphic arts/printing business.

Donovan uses his business as a platform, not only to meet the community’s graphic art and printing needs, but also as a way of engaging in community involvement and educational sponsorship.

As Donovan continues to meet and get better acquainted with those around him, the desire increasingly grows for him to become more involved with others through the sharing of his music, poetry/spoken word and community outreach.

With the longing to see others prosper, Donovan has started this organization, Urban Outreach Ministries, in hopes of helping and encouraging others break free from debilitating vices, overcoming adversities and building a strong, united community. It is his sincere prayer and hope that he and others alike will BE the change we desire thus resulting in a strong and prosperous community.
Donovan's scripture of inspiration is “For we walk by faith, not by sight”. 2 Corinthians 5:7


Our Mission

Urban Outreach Ministries' mission is...


... to use our God-given talents to support and further this ministry in our community and wherever God may lead us to do so. embrace, love and accept others for who they are, regardless of where they have been or what they have done, realizing that no one is above or beneath us, but rather that we are ALL created equal and share the same brotherhood in Christ Jesus. encourage and strengthen others; believing and accepting the responsibility that we are our brother’s keeper. be a positive witness to ALL with whom we come in contact through the lives we live by following the example given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is our Mission.

Our Vision

Our vision is to..

  • people where they are.

  • …be a friend.

  • …engage in wholesome fellowship.

  • …lead by example

    • Dedicated

    • Be on time

    • Be faithful

    • Be responsible

    • Be dependable

    • Be accountable

  • …build a rock solid community, physically, mentally and spiritually... for we ARE our Brother's Keeper.   



This is our Vision.

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