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     FAMILY FUN NIGHT  One of the things that are rare in today's world is families spending quality time together. Parents are in their world and the children are in theirs. Seldom do families eat together, travel together, play together or take time to even talk and truly get to know each other. FAMILY FUN NIGHT is that chance to come together to watch a movie, play team games (such are Pictionary, Family Fued, Name That Tune, etc.) and socially interact  with others from the community. These are times to create memories that we can look back on and laugh and share.
     Building strong families leads to building strong communities. Come enjoy an evening of family fun with others from our community. Refreshments will be served.
     UOM BEAUTIFICATION PROJECTS... Wayne County, no doubt, is a very beautiful county. Sadly, there are many areas where its beauty is overshadowed by litter, weeds, abandoned buildings and unkept yards/property. We are looking for volunteers to help give our community, our home, a much needed face lift.


     PNO (Parents Night Out... There is no question if life changes when you have children... IT DOES! Long hours at work, endless tasks to take care of home... the responsibilities are endless. Nevertheless, that does not relieve you from having to answer the relentless questions your children have for you, fix their dinner on their time schedule, give them the demanded undivided attention to hear their stories or entertain them so they won't be "bored". You deserve a night off.
     Drop your child(ren) off to us. Let them enjoy 4 hours of fun playing indoor activities. Pizza and refreshment will be provided. Our volunteers will provide a safe and fun time for your kids while you enjoy the evening out.
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