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T. Donovan Simons

Donovan Simons is the creative photographer who founded SIMONS' STUDIOS in the 1990’s.  As an aspiring photographer, he began his informal journey in photography during his high school years and has continued to refine his talents through formal professional education with the New York Institute of Photography.  His continuing education experiences include professional photography conventions that integrate photography techniques with makeup artistry and fashion accessories.

Donovan, a native of the islands of Bermuda, has actively engaged in professional photography over thirty years, and has networked with professional photographers while living in North Carolina, Georgia and now Winter Haven, FL. Throughout his years of professional experience, his portfolio has included photography for families who seek to preserve those precious moments at weddings and special occasions, for businesses that wish to record benchmark events for employees and clients, and for individuals who need to have quality portraits to promote themselves as models or for career advancement opportunities.

Donovan’s multiple talents include the use of high quality photographic editing programs that bring to his clients the very best photography results through Simons Studios.  His keen eye for details and masterful use of computerized photography software allow him to adjust backgrounds, to heighten the natural features of his photographic subjects, and to restore older photographs to their treasured beauty.


Donovan has worked with other professional photographers to maximize his skills and continues to maintain a network with them to provide services for large and small groups that require capturing multiple photographic opportunities at an event. He creates your photographic experience either on-site or in a studio setting that is convenient and comfortable for you. Because photography is Donovan’s passion, you receive the assurance of outstanding professional photographic care through Simons Studios.


Ras Mykkal Simons

Ras Mykkal was born and raised in Bermuda and first took an interest in photography in 1987 where he served as Public Relations Officer for the Bermuda Auto-Cycle Union, an off-road motorcycle racing club. His responsibilities included marketing and promoting the sport of motocross as well as getting the race results to the media.


Once he realized that photographs would add a visual benefit to the race coverage, he purchased his first camera and attached his photographs with the race results. As his photographic eye developed, so did the sport of motocross.


In 1997, he enrolled into the New York Institute of Photography and earned his qualifications as a professional photographer in September of the same year.


In 1998 to 1999, he worked with the Unfold Magazine which was a U.S. based publication featuring Caribbean entertainment, lifestyle, personalities, history, culture, food and scenic settings.


In 1999 to 2013 he worked for a number of different Bermuda media outlets namely, The Bermuda Sun, The Mid-Ocean News and the Royal Gazette as a staff photographer covering many different areas of photo journalism. He was the primary sports photographer, but also covered many aspects of general news.


In 2000, he photographed and produced the “Girls of the Bermuda Triangle” calendar. This marks the first time Bermudian women were featured in a swimsuit calendar. He completed subsequent calendars in 2002 and 2005.


In 2010, he teamed up with Stephan Johnstone, a talented graphic designer, to produce his first book that focused on Bermuda Sporting events, athletes, their records and achievements.


From his start as a motocross photographer, he has moved on to cover tennis, football, cricket, PGA golf, track and field events, harness racing, swimming, ten pin bowling and numerous sporting events and their personalities.


He has gained extensive experience in wedding, outdoor and environmental portraiture, live concerts, macro and nature photography.


He is also a ‘self-taught’ graphic designer who is proficient in Photoshop. His graphic skills combined with his photographic abilities has allowed him to produce hundreds of flyers, posters, cards, certificates, banners, signs, stickers and T-shirts.



He is currently in the final stages of his second book, “Bermuda’s Flyin’ Flowers” a book documenting the life cycle of Bermuda’s butterflies.


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